• HAAS VM2 machine center
  • FADAL VCM 15XTmachine centers with 4 axis indexer (5)
  • FADAL 4020HT machine center 10,000 rpm (2)
  • HAAS CNC lathe ST-10
  • NARDINI lathe¬†
  • ACER milling machine
  • Vibrating finishing machine
  • Grinder
  • Automatic horizontal saw
  • Vertical saw
  • Quality measurement and verification instruments
  • Mitutoyo BRM-507 CMM
  • Quality laboratory
Our core business is contract manufacturing of precision machined parts, based on customer requirements and designs. 

Our processes are designed for serial manufacturing; however, based on specific requests, we can accommodate prototypes or small to medium sized production lots.

The materials that we typically use are aluminum, steel, copper, brass and plastics; aditionally we quote surface finishes such as anodizing per MIL-STD-8625, based on customer requirments.
We serve companies from these industries:

Automotive manufacturers
Air valves
Medical devices
Apparel manufacturers
Equipment capabilities